China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

With the passing of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement in 2015 – our clients will now be able to save even more with the desisting of various taxes – as a client you will automatically receive updates as to how you can save money on your export taxes.

As our largest export partner – China makes up one third of Australia’s exports.

With the lifting of export taxes – improved competitiveness of Australian exports and not to mention reduced import costs if you are using our Import Air or Import Sea services.

The passing of this free trade agreement will lead to a higher standard of living for Australians and higher profit margins to exporters. It is bilateral and once implemented 95 percent of exports to China from Australia became tariff free.

J. Cioffi would like to share in the excitment of our import and export partners who make use of our Air Export and Import and Sea Export and Import services – dealing with these companies we understood how much of the total costs were going to tarrifs – and with the lifting of said tariffs our partners can now pocket the difference.

J. Cioffi’s export fees – as competitive as they are – can now be combined with an overall free trade bilateral agreement with China.

While the agreement has not been without controversy – in a recent article from ABC the cons were listed including the fact that not all products are affected by the tarrif reduction – of said products include sugar, rice, wool and wheat.

Also it should be noted Chinese investors will have the right to bring in foreign workers on projects of investment over $150M. And these foreign workers will not receive local labour market testing.

There is also the potential for Chinese firms to have some rights to sue Australian governments for policy changes that adversely affect their interests.

However overall this agreement is a win for Australia.

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